Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SHE'S 8!!!

It's Birthday and Picture Day!!!
Surprise!!! Maddie and Buddy
Madelyn's Bday seat @ Texas Roadhouse
The GANG. Debbie, Kelley, Michelle, Steph, Maddie, and Meagan
Kelley, Steph, Michelle, Madelyn, and Meagan

Well.....she is officially 8 years old! Today was Madelyn's bday. She was so excited when she got up this morning. It was also picture day @ school. They loved dressing up, but made sure they had a change of clothes for after their pics were made. Buddy is in town this week, and we surprised Madelyn @ lunch and brought cupcakes to her class. She was so excited. We love the new school and our teachers. We saw a lot of familiar faces and had a good time visiting with Madelyn's class. They are all so polite! The usual gang met @ Texas Roadhouse this evening for dinner to celebrate Madelyn's bday. She got a few gifts, ate steak, and got to sit on the birthday seat & blow out her ice cream candle. We all had a good time. It seems like just yesterday she was born, and now she is 8 years old. We just can't believe what a beautiful young lady she is becoming. We couldn't be prouder to be her parents. We are going to have a small get together @ home on Friday night with some cake and pizza. She is looking forward to that. I guess it's birthday all week! Everyone is welcome!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Snuggle Buddies!

Hi everyone! Yesterday I had such a bad arthritis attack that I couldn't hardly get out of bed. It was a long day, but my beautiful babies took care of Mom when they got home from school. They both crawled in bed with me and did homework and watched TV. Buddy is SC this week at the annual sales meeting, so we are all kind of blah. I am so lucky to have these angels in my life. They truly get me through when I think I'm out of steam. A crappy day turned into a great night cuddling with my girls. I am so blessed!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1st Day of School @ Lake View Elementary!

They are up and off!!! The girls are off today for their first day of school at our new Lake View Elementary school ( 8 miles roundtrip instead of 30 ). I can't believe that they are starting the 3rd and 4th grade. It seems like just yesterday Buddy, Maddie, and I were taking Meagan to Kindergarten. They seemed very excited. Meagan couldn't wait to get there and Maddie seemed a little nervous. They have great teachers and I know they will have a great day. I'll let you know how their day goes.....of course, they were the best dressed there!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celebrate the New School!

To celebrate the new school, Buddy, the girls, Shaunda, Kelley, and I ate dinner at Habanero's in the Tannehill Promenade shopping center. We had a lot of fun! Still in amazement that we don't have to drive 15 miles one way to school!!!!!

Open House 2008 Lake View Elementary

Well, it's finally finished!!! We have a school that is only 4 miles from home! Open House was Monday night. We got to tour the new place, and meet our teachers. I think we are going to have an awesome year. Meagan and Maddie love their teachers. The school is MASSIVE! There is a wing for each grade level and a lot of extras that I know all of the kids are going to love. M & M's first day is Thursday the 7th. They are actually both looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Layne

We had the privilege of meeting my cousin Dave and, his beautiful wife, Robyn's precious little one while we were in GA this week. We had such a good time visiting and hogging baby Layne. She is truly a little blessing and I can't wait to see her grow up. We got a lot of good pics of her, so I will make a slide show of our visit and post it soon. Thanks Dave and Robyn for letting us enjoy your precious daughter!