Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Pics!

Our 2010 Christmas Card

The Wilson Family 2010

Silly Faces...

M&M...just beautiful!

So, this year I tried something different...  I wanted all of us in our Christmas card this year.  We invested in a "cheap" tripod, and activated the self timer, and VOILA!  Family Pic!!!  I also wanted a Christmas card that wasn't the same mass produced one that is everywhere.  I used the software that I make blog backgrounds with, and made our own "one of a kind" Christmas card.  I am very pleased that it all went off without a disaster! LOL

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations 2010

We cut our first Christmas tree!

Our Tree!

I think they liked the experience, lol


There it goes!!!

All bagged up!!!

So, this year we have been talking about getting a real Christmas tree.  We have always had artificial.  Mom suggested we find a tree farm.  There are two in Tuscaloosa county, and this one was closest to our house.  We went with no real expectations, but were we in for a surprise.  There were so many trees!  I realized right away that we all lacked tree knowledge!  We walked the fields, and had so much fun.  We all walked to this one, and said, "I think this is it".  It was the fullest we saw, and by the way, we never all agree on anything!  We flagged down the helpers, down it went, and on to be bagged.  I wasn't expecting so much fun!  We really enjoyed the entire experience, and especially helping out a Tuscaloosa business.  Then it was time to get it home, and string the lights...MY LEAST FAVORITE PART!  We got it in the stand, and Buddy cut the really looked a lot bigger in my living room than it did in a field of trees!  The story of our life...hahaha.  We loved making Christmas memories.

Thanksgiving 2010

Maddie wating on the grown ups to get their act together!

Time to eat!

Is there enough food? LOL

Two of my favorite men

My Thanksgiving blessing!!!