Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

Happy New Year!!!  Well, we have been through a few adventures in the last several months.  5 months ago today, we arrived in Charleston, WV ready for the journey of a lifetime.'s been amazing!  We couldn't be more happy here.  We are so blessed to have found such a wonderful home, and absolutely incredible friends.  Buddy likes his new far, so good!  The girls have found a great dance studio, and dance family.  RMProductions has welcomed us with open arms.  They have helped so much with the transition for the girls.  Everything seems to be falling into place!  Now that we are more settled, and over this 600 mile move....we can update everyone with all of our adventures!  This should be interesting.  Hope everyone has a fabulous 2012!!!

Our "moving crew"!  Truck unloaded!!!  That's when the real fun began...

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